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Post by Laura Hollis on Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:55 pm

Activity is a must. The limit is five days of inactivity before you will be suspended.

I understand that real life can get in the way, so I’m happy to give you a hiatus–just message me or message me on facebook and tell me how long you’ll be gone. You will get a 3 day grace period.

If you don't message me first, and i suspended but you want back in, I’ll also be happy to do that. However, if you are taken out of the group twice for any reason, you will not be allowed in a third time.

I ask that all interactions be done in first or third person, past tense. The roleplay should be kept literate, which means that interactions should be at least one paragraph.

No members should feel excluded, so please respond to all starters in the tag before making your own.

Whenever you start a new post on the forum, make sure you include your loaction and who is involved in the post.

This RP is PG-13. Please do not RP smut. Everything leading up to it is fine. Romance is fine. But if you’d like to RP smut, please do it outside of the RP group.

All triggers should also be tagged.

Use common sense. Don’t godmod, don’t make any major changes to the plot (deaths, serious harm and similarly major events) should go through the admin first. If you’re not sure, just ask.

If you believe someone else is doing something that isn’t appropriate, send a message off anon and I’ll talk to the person.

You’ll get one warning if I notice anything, and if the behavior continues you will be asked to leave.

Post more than three words. *I wake up* is not acceptable. BE DESCRIPTIVE..If you cannot post more than a paragraph, you will be kicked, being non-descriptive kills the role-play, and it bugs other role-players. You will get a warning the first time, the second time you will be timed out, the third time you will be banned.

Hopefully it won’t come to that though, because this RP is about having fun, right? Smile

This one is simple. No OOC drama is going to be tolerated.

But I don’t think that’ll be a problem, because I’ll be putting my best foot forward to make a good RP, and I know we’re all going to have a great time.

Most importantly–have fun! Very Happy
Laura Hollis
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